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Segway Powersports has set itself the goal of becoming the leading Powersports brand. This vision can only be achieved with the help of strong Segway Powersports dealers, who can embody our values, have passion and motivation in powersports industry. Your success is our success, which is why we go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals, for a blazing future. In order to evaluate your request, we would ask you to complete the form above and Segway Dealer Specialists will reach you shortly.
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To assess your requirements, we ask you to complete the form below and Segway Powersports sales specialist will contact you shortly.
1.What is this the location you are applying for? Why do you think this area would be a good location for Segway Powersports? *
2.Where did you learn about potential Segway Powersports dealership opportunities? Select an option(Referred by a current dealer, Social Media, Google Ads, Digital Magazines,Others) *
3.What products do you currently sell? (please be specific with brands and annual quantities) *
4.What is your main business? Since when you entered into the powersports business? *
5.How many active powersports dealers do you have?How many employees do you have for powersports business? And how many for sales, marketing, service and technical support respectively?
6.Please list the top 5 brands(ATV,UTV,SSV) in your territory? and market share for each brands? and what is market share of the brand/s you are carrying?
7. What’s the professional Powersports show/s and event/s in your territory for ATV,UTV and SSV. pls list the name and date information. *
8.What is the displacement segments map for ATV, UTV and SSV in your territory? and market share for each segment? *
9.What is your company turnover of 2018 and 2019 respectively?
10.Which Segway Powersports products are you interested in? *
11.What drivetrain technology are you the most interested in for Segway products? *
12.Are you currently using a retail financing solution for consumers? (if so, list below) *
13.Do you currently utilize a computer based Business/Inventory Management System? If yes, what is the name of the program? *
14. What is the Powersports media outlet that you have been cooperated with? What is your annual advertising budget? *
15.Please describe what you think it takes to run a successful business? *